ABCN Announces Recertification Process

Recertification Outline

ABCN certificates are time-limited. Certificants and Diplomates are subject to recertification by submission of CME every three years or bywritten examination at the end of ten years.

As of 2019, there are two options for recertification.

1) Submit 30 hours of Category I CME in Clinical Neurophysiology every three years for each ABCN certification being renewed. Complete the online Recertification Application, upload CME and pay $200 fee. Submissions are due in year 3, 6 and 9 following certification. By year 10, Diplomate must have submitted 90 hours of CME and $600 for each certification.

2) Successfully complete the ABCN computer-based recertification examination. The exam is offered twice a year at PSI Computer Centers around the country. Complete the online Recertification Application and submit the $550 fee by the stated examination deadline in year 10.

Both options will renew the ABCN certification for 10 years.

ABCN contracts with the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) to administer the examination. PTC uses PSI Testing Centers to provide computer-based testing services. The examination will be administered during an established two-week testing period on a daily basis, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays at several hundred computer-based testing sites throughout the United States.

Hours and days of availability vary at different centers. Please note that you will not be able to schedule your examination appointment until you have received an Eligibility Notice from PTC. If you do not receive an Eligibility Notice or other correspondence at least three weeks before the beginning of the testing period, contact the Professional Testing Corporation by telephone at 212-356-0660.

If you need to cancel your examination appointment or reschedule to a different date within the testing period you must contact PSI at 833-207-1288 no later than noon, Eastern Standard Time of the second business day PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. There are no refunds for this examination. If you fail to arrive for your appointment or do not reschedule within the same testing period, you will forfeit your testing fee.

The current Exam Schedule is posted on the main page of this site.